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Buttocks Enlargement

Cellulite occurs when the underlined fat cells push through layers of Collagen and Elastins mainly in the buttocks and thigh areas. But, it can also occur on arms, stomachs and other common troubled spots. There are many effective treatments in use today to combat the unpleasant look of cellulite. Glam R Us Med Spa has designed a treatment protocol that not only reduces the visual appearance of cellulite but also attacks the root cause of the problem. Without reducing the number of underlying fat cells any treatment is just TEMPORARY. Skin can be stretched and plumped to cover up the problem, but the effect is not long lasting.

Our treatment will destroy your fat cells, improve the elasticity while plumping and rejuvenating your skin. Our Body Toning and Sculpting Cellulite Reduction Treatment - Tones and Sculpt your body, leaving you looking tighter and younger after your first session!

Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

and Buttocks Enlargement

A Cellulite Treatment AND Buttock Enlargement combined

Body Toning, Body Sculpting | Glam R Us Med Spa 

Weight Loss, fat reduction, body contouring and strengthening is a goal  that most of us want  to achieve. No matter what u look like there are areas you would like to improve. That's why you see so many advertisements for Diet Centers, Plastic Surgeons, Gyms and Spas. They all have their place in helping you reach your goal. There are as many ways to get rid of the fat cells as there is to creating them and  Glam R Us Med Spa has developed the most unique, painless and easy to use process available today. You just show up and we do the rest.
Glam R Us Med Spa has taken 5 proven technologies and combined them into one of the most innovative, effective and non-invasive programs available today.  These treatments can be completed during your lunch break.
You can return to normal activity immediately after treatment. If you would like to see a more sculpted and youthful you in no time at all ..... call to make your appointment today.

Exp. 2/29/2020

Non-Invasive Buttocks Englargement

Butt Enhancement is a Non-Invasive butt lift.  Looks great in your jeans and also in your bathing suit.  Gives those guys something to talk about.  You will be be done in just takes 1 hour.

Exp. 6/29/20