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Medical Weight Loss

Man With Reduced Body Fat

Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 30 pounds in 40 days!!

Reach your target weight under a doctor's supervision with our medical weight loss treatments. We'll help you healthily lose weight and keep it off in the years to come. You will be closely monitored throughout the procedures, to ensure their complete success.

We want to help you feel good about yourself again, and improve your health and well-being in the process. Before you throw in the towel, explore the Clean Start Weight Loss® Program, where you can achieve: rapid and long-lasting weight loss faster than you ever thought possible.

Since 2011, over 80,000 people have safely lost weight on our rapid medically-supervised weight loss program.

A Truly Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

The rapid Clean Start Weight Loss® Program includes prescription hormone injections which require a licensed healthcare provider who can prescribe medications. In addition, you will complete a full medical history, and will be required to get lab testing to ensure the program is safe and will work for you. A key part of the program is the injection of “Fat Burning” lipotropic injections, which can only be administered by a licensed nurse or physician.

With our medically supervised weight loss program, a licensed healthcare provider will complete a medical history and complete lab testing to ensure the Clean Start Weight Loss program will work for you!

Comprehensive Support

Not only will you have weekly visits, you will receive a comprehensive support package that includes: Guidebook, Food Journal, Tip Sheets, and a Cookbook with over 50 recipes!

Proven Success

Over 60,000 people have successfully lost weight on our medically-supervised weight loss program.

Medically Based

Our weight loss program requires physicians supervision to ensure you quickly and safely lose the weight you want to lose.

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